Meet our Pastor

A man of excellence endowed with a vision and empowered to tell God’s people what “thus saith the Lord”.  Dr. Dunham is committed to the call and to the cause of Christ; Dr. Dunham began his pastoral journey in November 1993 ministering faithfully to the Friendship Baptist Church family admonishing them to draw nearer the Master by personally dedicating their lives to the Lord Jesus.  He has maintained his commitment to learning and achieving in all areas of spiritual growth.

Dr. Dunham was raised in the church by his Baptist parents, and baptized at the age of ten.  His father (and Pastor) the Late Rev. Dr. Zacchaeus Dunham, Sr. had been a Pastor for nearly 60 years, which obviously has been a very strong and positive influence in his spiritual walk with the Lord.  He has six brothers with no sisters; five of the brothers are preachers, of which all five are Pastors of their own church.

Working in the Ministry has always been a great part of his life, serving in the capacity of Deacon for six years prior to being called into the ministry, Assistant to the Chairman, Sunday School teacher, and teacher for Baptist Training Union (BTU), Vacation Bible School (VBS) and the Choir Director.

Dr. Dunham accepted the call November 1, 1986. He was licensed to preach the Gospel in 1986 at the God’s Throne Missionary Baptist Church, Stockton, California, and then ordained in 1988 by the Stockton Baptist Ministerial Alliance.  His Bachelor’s Degree was received after three (3) years from Conroe Normal and Industrial Institute of Texas, under the tutelage of the Late Dr. E.W. Roland at Second Baptist Church in Merced, California.  His Masters of Theology and Doctor of Theology Degree were received from the Andersonville Seminary of Camilla, Georgia.

Dr. Dunham has always been one who believes in constantly growing in the study of the Word of God, attending such educational platforms as the Expository Preaching sponsored by E. K. Baily Expository Preaching Ministries, Dallas, Texas for two years.  He has also been a part of the renowned W.H.W. Expository Preaching Conference held in Los Angeles, California.

In August 2009 the Dunham Brothers released a Christian CD entitled “Love One Another”.  This project has made Dr. Dunham’s ministry even more of a blessing.

Rev. Dr. Anthony D. Dunham I


Rev. Dr. Anthony D. Dunham I

Sister Monica J. Dunham

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